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Our Founder

Morgan Q. Anderson, E.A. Founder and CEO of Golden Lion Tax Solutions is a disciplined and persistent Senior Tax Representative with over twenty-three years of proven experience in representing taxpayers before the Federal and State-Level tax collection divisions.

After having been involved in the tax resolution industry for decades, Morgan saw first-hand what happens when companies lose their moral compass. She has witnessed unethical decisions that jeopardized employee licenses and has tried to help recover transferred clients who suffered due to inconsistent and poor representation due to a lack of internal reviews and audits of employee performance. This is what prompted the formation of Golden Lion Tax Solutions, with the aim of providing her clients with a trusted partner in finding the right solution. We will be the advocate you need to make the right moves towards your peace of mind. Being relationship-focused means that we always think about your best interest and truly care. A refreshing difference in our type of industry.