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Our Golden Difference

What makes Golden Lion Tax Solutions different from every other tax resolution provider that you might find online? We feel three simple points place us head and shoulders above the rest!


Experience - It is our experience that makes us different. We've been in this industry for 24+ years and have seen just about every tax debt situation you can think of! Experience has provided us with knowledge, and knowledge is power! We understand how to find the right tax debt solution to meet your needs and we will relentlessly pursue those options while trying to protect you from aggressive collection tactics throughout the process.


Relationships - We are committed to building strong relationships with our clients. Tax debt is a scary prospect to face and you need to know that you have the right people in your corner, doing what is best for you and for your business. We want you to have peace of mind, knowing that you can trust Golden Lion Tax Solutions to do the best for you. We believe in communication and transparency every step of the way. We maintain a smaller caseload, allowing us the time to provide more attention to detail and a more personal relationship with our clients.


Education - We mentioned above that knowledge is power, so why shouldn't our clients be able to take back some of that power for themselves? We are focused on providing education to our clients, teaching them about the tax debt solution we have recommended, and why it will be beneficial. When our clients are educated about the process, they have more confidence in the solution and it lifts a weight from their shoulders.