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Installment Agreements

If your business has tax debt owed and is struggling with day-to-day expenses, the last thing you want or can afford is aggressive collection tactics from the IRS or State as this could put the entire business in jeopardy. At Golden Lion Tax Solutions, we can evaluate your business’ financial condition and determine if negotiating an Installment Agreement to resolve the tax debt and get the business’ finances back on track will be the best solution available. We have 24+ years in the industry and we are ready to be your advocate by finding the best tax debt solutions to meet your needs. We will be relentless in our pursuit of securing a realistic monthly installment figure that your business can afford, making it easier to stay compliant with the agreement. It is important to get it right the first time around because if your business defaults on an Installment Agreement, it is unlikely that a favorable second chance will be given. We are here to make sure this doesn't happen by working in partnership with you and your business to find the most appropriate solution and helping to educate you and all parties involved on the how’s and why’s of tax debt accrual so you and your business can move forward with an effective resolution.

Installment Agreements

There are three different types of Business Installment Agreements accepted by the IRS:

  • In-Business Trust Fund Installment Agreements
  • Streamlined Installment Agreements
  • Standard Installment Agreements

State Hardship Installment Agreement

In most states, it may be possible to agree to a State Hardship Installment Agreement to resolve tax debt. A nominal payment will be required over the initial 6 to 12-month period, then a reconsideration will be required to renegotiate the installment repayments.

Disclaimer: There are requirements that must be satisfied in order to qualify for some of the tax solutions we discuss on our website. Not all of our services will be suitable for every client. Golden Lion Tax Solutions is here to help you find the most appropriate resolution strategy to fit your situation.