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I must say, Morgan is amazing!! Her personality alone will win you over!! The knowledge that she has regarding tax debt is phenomenal!! If you want to work with someone that cares about your end result, look no further Morgan is the person for you. She knows how to represent you with the IRS and has over 25 years of experience. If you have a tax debt or just got a letter in the mail. Call Morgan now for expert advice! She can help you!!

We had the pleasure of interviewing Morgan, who is undoubtedly a tax expert! Her engaging, energetic, and spunky demeanor made the discussion lively and informative. Morgan brought a wealth of experience and knowledge, answering every question we threw at her with ease. She delved into the fears that accompany an IRS notice, the necessity of setting up a plan to address IRS debt, and the serious consequences of leaving IRS debt unpaid.

Hosting Morgan was such a great honor. She provided invaluable information that will benefit us and our listeners immensely. We were so impressed by her insights that we've already invited her to be a guest on our show again! If you're looking for an expert guest to discuss tax debt, Morgan is your go-to person.

Thank you so much, Morgan, for spending time with us and sharing your knowledge.

Johnny and Theresa Bartelle

Hosts of the The Money Talk

Morgan makes taxes understandable and fun.

Brandon Davis

Morgan is an absolute professional. I would recommend her to others, for sure!

Jamie Lima

The Golden Lion team is great to work with. As a bookkeeper who recommends clients to Golden Lion, they are the only ones on my referral list who provide solutions for past tax problems. They keep everyone updated on what‘s going on between the IRS and the State DOR. They remind the client every time to make their OIC payment and help them stay in tax compliance.

Susie Jose

Morgan and her team at Golden Lion Tax Solutions are a tremendous asset to our firm and clients. They have provided significant tax savings and peace of mind to clients thanks to all their help working directly with the tax authorities. The team is highly knowledgeable in tax law and well versed in working directly with the IRS, and I am highly confident in their ability to resolve complex issues for my clients. I won't hesitate to recommend anyone with tax debt issues to Golden Lion Tax Solutions!

Stephen Heckman, President, Denver Accounting Group LLC

The team at Golden Lion Tax Solutions has vast knowledge of tax debt resolution. Morgan and Mariah have been an amazing resource for my clients. I appreciate their honesty on what they can do for a client as well as their undeniable professionalism. They have been attentive to my clients, follow through with their commitments and make the process for the client as smooth as possible. I have great confidence in the service they provide.

Crystal Stewart, CPA

I linked up with Golden Lion Tax Solutions through some networking connections, and they have been wonderful for my clients! If you’re ever in need of someone who can help with the business taxes and especially tax debt, look no further! You’ve certainly found the right crew here.

Josh Reilly

I really appreciate everything you all have done, and your very quick turnaround on such a last-minute type of project… thank you very much.

Casey L.

Morgan Anderson is an honest, trustworthy, and caring person, as well as her team. She is well-versed in the laws and requirements of the Internal Revenue Service. She has handled our case with the IRS and State for a while and has always been very professional and in our best interest. She takes the time to listen to your situation and is always doing her best to aid in the best outcome for our company and our personal situations. There are a lot of different companies out there claiming they can help, but in our opinion, Morgan Anderson and her team at Golden Lion are the best and will get you the best outcome.

DJ and Lisa

Annie has helped me through every step of the process. She has been extremely patient with me, and most importantly, has given me a great result in regards to my tax resolution. I'm so lucky that I was able to work with Annie to get out of my tax jam!!!

Greg D.

I would like to express how much I appreciate and am thankful for Golden Lion Tax Solutions. They have been great to work with. They are taking care of my case and I cannot express how much relief I have in knowing they have my absolute best interest in mind. I take comfort in knowing my case is in their hands. They are always available when I have a question, they are very kind and extremely personable. Every time I call, they actually answer, and when I choose to email them, they respond very quickly. They always give me comfort in knowing that I will be able to get through this tax situation without feeling the embarrassment and dread of situations that arise from the IRS.

Sharlene V.

I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with Morgan and her team on many cases over the years. I can always count on her to be professional, detail-oriented and to go above and beyond to help her clients. As a professional in the same industry, I can say without a doubt that I know any clients in Morgan’s care will be in good hands!

W. Anthony Cole, EA, Cole Tax Consulting


I’ve worked with Morgan, Annie, and Mariah for many years, and what I find unique about them is their professionalism, commitment, and dedication to helping their clients. They are extremely knowledgeable in all facets of tax debt resolution, and their responsiveness is miles above any of the tax resolution companies I’ve worked with over the years.

Ginger Perry EA – Owner of G A & P Tax and Accounting Services